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NBFF On Tour

Every year following the multi-country premiers of the kNOwBOX dance Film Festival (NBFF), kNOwBOX dance works in collaboration with national and international artists, organizations, and communities to produce the NBFF annual spring tour. Each location sponsor collaborates to host the annual NBFF spring tour. Customized classes, workshops, and discussions centered around Dance and the Digital Space are available upon request. 



NBFF On Tour

Bring NBFF to a city near you! 

To become a location host contact us



NBFF On Tour Schedule

NBFF 2021 On Tour Schedule

Oaxaca - April 29-May 1, 2022

NBFF 2020 On Tour Schedule

Oaxaca - May 8-9, 2021 

NBFF 2019 On Tour Schedule

Mexico City - Canceled Due to COVID-19
Missouri - Canceled Due to COVID-19
Seoul - Canceled Due to COVID-19
Lima - Canceled Due to COVID-19


NBFF 2021 On Tour

Oaxaca, México | 29 de Abril - 1 de Mayo
✅✅ IG Poster.png

NBFF 2021: Bailando Fuera de la Caja

past tours

NBFF 2020 On Tour

Oaxaca, México | 8 y 9 de Mayo

NBFF 2020

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