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NBFF 2020 

Reviewing over 145 submissions from 30 different countries, the NBFF jury panel curated the NBFF Official Selection based on three categories: Short Series, say NO to the BOX, and #Dancebehindthescreen.

NBFF 2020

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NBFF 2020 Official Selction

Official Selection

The official kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2020 selection features 20 dance films of both national and international filmmakers from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Romania, Scotland, South Korea, The Netherlands and the United States. Films are poignant and present an engaging experience for viewers familiar and new to dance and film. Films respond to the call for submissions in creative and powerful ways evoking hope for humanity, arts, dance and film and the future.

Click the images below to access filmmaker spotlights. 

NBFF Live Screenings

Live Screenigns

Seoul, South Korea

올해 NBFF 2020에서는 세 가지 카테고리안에서 영화를 선보입니다.
+1분 짧은 시리즈- 2020년 시사문제를 담은 영화 (흑인 인권 운동, 코로나 19, 평등정책, 환경 문제, 등등).

drive-in art reception & screening of 20 international dance-related films @ Tin Star Theater in Trinity Groves!

Dallas, Texas, USA

Drive-in art reception & screening of 20 international dance-related films @ Tin Star Theater in Trinity Groves!

NBFF 2020 Guest Jury


Roxana Barba

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Miami, Florida, USA

André M. Zachery

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Brooklyn, New York, USA

Antoine Panier

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Brussels, Belgium

Jesús-Mario Lozano

  • Twitter
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Puebla, Mexico

NBFF 2020 Open Call

​Submitting Your Project to the kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2020.

NBFF is interested in curating dance films that explore an innovative approach to collaboration, mixed media, and interdisciplinary filmmaking. NBFF seeks dance-related films that challenge the possibilities of what dance can look like in video form.

Get more details and set up your Filmmaker account at

Open Call



Short Series

Current Issues Dance Shorts

say NO to the BOX

General Submission


Dance Documentaries

NBFF 2020 Submission Categories

Short Series

Current Issues Dance Shorts

The Short Series category seeks 60-second dance shorts that explore an innovative approach to framing 2020 related current issues. These dance films should explore hot topics such as Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, Equity, and Politics—among other current issues.

say NO to the BOX

Dance Film General Submission

The say NO to the BOX general submission category seeks dance films that expand possibilities of how to generate movement, mixed media explorations, interdisciplinary

investigations, and collaborative community engagement

with on/offline communities.


Dance Documentaries

The #Dancebehindthescreen dance documentaries category seeks films that show behind the screen of a dance artist, company, environment, or process. 

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