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Our Story 

kNOwBOX dance is a female-founded digital dance company co-created in 2018 by Martheya Nygaard and YeaJean Choi and launched officially in 2021 as 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization . YeaJean originally from Seoul, South Korea and Martheya from Dallas, Texas, USA met at Texas Woman’s University while earning their MFA in Dance. Their interests in making art that challenged contemporary/modern dance aesthetics overlapped. While YeaJean was the digital media coordinator and Martheya was the publicity coordinator the intersection of using technology, specifically social media, became a unique way to generate new possibilities for art-making and sharing. Not knowing where in the world they would be after graduate school they began to brainstorm… "How can artists have access to stay connected, make new work, and share work globally?" kNOwBOX dance was born. Recognizing the need for more digital dance exposure, kNOwBOX dance facilitated social-media Evolving Laboratories,  hosted Exposure: a dance film workshop, and partnered with the Dance Council of North Texas to create and produce the Dallas Dance Film Festival in 2018. Later, the kNOwBOX Film Festival (NBFF) was founded in 2019. Centering the value of technology, Martheya & YeaJean, sought to expand the vision to unite and empower dancers and creators across the digital space. To do so, Martheya and YeaJean asked Azaria Hogans & Reyna Mondragon to join kNOwBOX dance in 2019 first as co-hosts on Dance Behind the Screen Podcast and later as kNOwBOX dance leadership.  

Our Story

Images and videos feature the NB team and artists from kNOwBOX dance programming 

Our Mission 

Our Mission

kNOwBOX dance is a non-profit arts service organization that creates, collaborates, and discusses art with artists and the public. Through its programs, kNOwBOX dance seeks to present and engage dance-related art

Our Vision

Our Vision

As capitalized in our name - we say NO to the BOX.

We believe that by going outside of any four-cornered box we can empower dancers and creators across the globe. We foster relationships and opportunities for artists, their works, and audiences both on and offline. 

Our Programming

Our Programming


Dance Behind the Screen Logo.png

Dance Behind the Screen Podcast 

NB presents Dance Behind the Screen Podcast, a conversation series with people who have dance related careers questioning the influence of social media in dance process, production, and publicity. On our site, you can find full episode show kNOwtes with guest recommended resources.


NBFF logo with text.png

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival

The kNOwBOX dance Film Festival (NBFF) is an international dance film festival with multi-country live screening events followed by an international spring tour. NBFF is interested in curating dance films that explore an innovative approach to collaboration, mixed media, and interdisciplinary filmmaking. NBFF seeks dance-related films that challenge the possibilities of what dance can look like in video form.


NB evolving labs logo.png

Evolving Laboratories

Evolving Laboratories are social media-based rotating offerings that help artists navigate dance in the digital space.

Labs include Artist Support, offering ways to get artists recognition, help, assistance, and connection, Blog Posts, check-in with NB team members on research, commentary, and thoughts on hot topics or themes, Expera-Dance, a playground for experimenting with art and collaboration online, and #NBDanceResource ,resources recommended by recently interviewed guests on DBS.

Our Leadserhsip 

Our Leadership

Co-creator & Managing Director 

Co-creator & Programming Director 

Manager of Resources & Archives

Manager of Community Engagement

Manager of kNOwBOX dance
Film Festival Mexico

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